Just Shea Butter helps retain moisture in afro textured hair. This is essential in preventing breakage which allows you to grow your afro.  Retaining moisture is key to a healthy afro. Make sure you hair is damp before you apply your Just Shea Butter. Rub between your hands and allow to melt before you apply it to your hair. Feel free to mix in with castor oil and any essential oil that your hair loves.


Generously apply Just Shea Butter on your growing belly or other stretch mark prone areas of your skin to increase your skins elasticity and prevent stretch marks. Shea butter is also helpful in reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks you may already have. Apply daily for best results. Remember, skin care is self care so take your time.


Perfect for keeping your skin moist and supple. Safe to use all over your body.  Use it as is or mix it in with some coconut oil to help it spread better. Shea butter will harden in cooler temperatures so the coconut oil helps it melt faster which is helpful in winter. The high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins help in keeping the skin soft.


Vitamins F, E and A in Just Shea Butter help heal skin that is dry and itchy. Shea butter is a natural chemical free moisturizer that deeply penetrates the skin, creating a protective barrier which reduces flare ups from allergens and allows the skin cells to regenerate. Apply as is daily after a bath/shower for best results.


The anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties in shea butter are ideal in treating nappy/diaper rash. This all natural solution soothes your baby’s skin.


Shea butter is a fantastic remedy for mosquito bites. Apply to your skin to calm and sooth the skin. Just Shea Butter will reduce itchiness and inflammation so you don’t scratch and scar your skin. 


Vitamins A and E in Just Shea Butter help keep your lips moisturised and heal chapped lips. Apply as you would any lip balm for soft healthy lips. Just Shea Butter can also be applied before your apply your lipstick to keep it from cracking. 


Just Shea Butter is a wonderful beard softner. Make sure that your beard is damp before you apply and groom as usual. Looking to grow your beard? Step one is making sure it’s moisturised and Just Shea Butter is key to retaining that moisture. Apply as is, rub raw shea butter between your hands to melt before applying to a damp beard.